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Welcome to our startup’s support website! We’re thrilled to have you here. Please check out our FAQs or review our guide on how to use our web and mobile apps. If you need more support, you can contact our customer support team. 

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Contact our customer support team in case of more questions or issues.

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FAQs for Desktop & Mobile App

Most frequent questions regarding our Android, iOS  or Browser Desktop App

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How to use Face26 Filters

Guide on how to use Face26 to optimize your images

Frequently Asked Questions​

Your images won’t be seen or accessed by anybody unless you explicitly give us your consent to use them, according to our Privacy Policy.

In this case, only authorized subjects may access your uploads. You can decide to change your permissions at any time or decline to give permission when you first start using the app. For more on this topic, see How do I manage my permissions?.

And of course, you’re always welcome to reach out to our Privacy team through the contact information available in the applicable Privacy Policy for additional details on this and other privacy-related matters.

You can request the deletion of your personal data at any time by reaching out to our Privacy team through the contact information available in the applicable Privacy Policy. Simply specify that you’re requesting the deletion of your data for either the Face26 mobile app or Face26 Web, as appropriate. Then, follow the instructions sent by our team to complete the identification process.

Face26 requires your operating system’s permission to access your image and video library when you use the app.

Once you allow access, your data isn’t stored on our servers except for the short period of time that’s necessary to provide you with the app’s functionalities, or if you provided explicit consent for us to use your images and videos to improve our AI. Even then, your data is only stored for a limited period before being deleted.

The highest standards of security are applied at all times, in line with current security guidelines, and we use advanced encryption techniques to protect your data. Privacy and data protection are among our core values!

No, your original photo will remain unchanged. Our photo enhancer creates a new, enhanced version of your photo, leaving your original file intact.

Our photo enhancer is capable of enhancing any type of image, including digital photos, scanned images, and even old or damaged photos.

Our photo enhancer uses deep learning algorithms to analyze the image and identify areas that need improvement. It then applies a series of enhancements to the image, resulting in a more vibrant and visually appealing photo.

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