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How to make AI make image realistic?

AI can make image realistic: Face26 Enhancer

Our Face Enhancer and Face Zoom can make AI generated images more realistic.

AI make image realistic for faces​

Realistic ai image converter gets particular realistic results to improve faces

1-Click and ai convert image to realistic

Our Photo Enhancer enables you to turn AI generated photos into crisp, clear and realistic images 

Transform Your AI Generated Photos into Stunning Realism with Face26

Introducing our cutting-edge app, Face26, that takes AI generated images to the next level of realism.

Our advanced algorithms enhance the detail and natural elements of your generated photos, giving them a photo-realistic quality that will leave you amazed.

Say goodbye to bland and unrealistic AI generated images and hello to stunning, life-like creations with Face26

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Transform MidJourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion Photos into Real-Life Masterpieces

Unleash the true potential of your AI generated photos with just one click using Face26.

Our user-friendly app utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance the realism of your images and make them come to life. You can easily transform your AI generated photos into stunning, photo-realistic masterpieces with just one simple click. 

Elevate the Realism of Your AI-Created Images to New Heights with Face26.

Discover Face26, our innovative app that elevates AI-generated images to unprecedented realism. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Face26 enhances the detail and authenticity of your photos, achieving a lifelike quality that’s truly astounding. Transition from the mundane and unrealistic to breathtakingly realistic images with the magic of Face26

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How to transform your AI generated Photos into real ones

  1. Upload a Photo in Face26.
  2. Apply Enhancer to make the image more realistic
  3. Save and download the new image directly on your desktop or smartphone.


What Our Happy
User Says

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It was recommended to me by Techwiser youtube channel, when I first saw this I thought ohh same feature is avilable in MIUI Gallery, but when I used it OMG its awesome, can't belive.
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Get's the job done...I've tried others but I always go back to Face26 because it's DEAD SIMPLE EASY to use.
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Congratulations on the Launch!! I just tried out the product and its really easy to use..and it cleans up quite well..Thanks a lot!!! Saved a lot of time
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The accuracy of this is incredible! It distinguishes between different objects very well.
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I like this tool very much. I can't afford Photoshop so for the small edits I make I use Gimp.

Why make AI generated photos more realistic

Generating AI photos with ChatGPT Pro, Dall-e, Bart, Adobe or Midjourney can be fun and you can usually often get great ai generated art with just a few text to image instructions.

However, you might still experience that the image generation realistic images. Face26 has trained an AI image generator that can enhance art, ai images or general photos and turns manga or AI art in more photo realistic images.

Realistic AI Image Generators

Face26 is not a text to image generator but just enhances and improves images. We do not work like a text to image AI app, but just enhance images with one click. It works for old, blurry and black and white photos, but also really well on art and AI generated photos.

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AI Art Generators

Did you create art with an art generator and you want to make your photo more realistic? Our photo enhancer can turn paintings or results of ai art generator into stunning images that look like realistic photos. We tested it is with stock photos and famous portrait paintings. 

rembrandt`s portraits

High quality images from visual art

See some results of our realistic photographs. You can create images with your own images. It does not take any time and we do not use any of your photos to train our ai model.

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Images generated for beautiful images

Generated images can be downloaded without watermark. When using Face26 you never pay for generate images and the ai image generation is instant. Every new user gets one free credit to download one image without watermark. We don’t claim we are the best ai image generator, but give us a try a an additional ai tool.


How do ai image generators work?

1. We trained our AI that makes photo more realistic on millions of images.

2. The AI will detect elements in the image that are less realistic und generate new Pixels.

3. Save and download the more realistic images directly on your desktop or smartphone. Additionally, you can upscale the image by 2x or 4x further.

face26 overview get inspired

Frequently Asked Questions about realistic AI art and AI images

Yes, Face26 is free to use and you can upload images and optimise images without payment. New users get one premium credit to download a image without a watermark. If you want to use more filters, get multiple results, faster processing and more images without watermarks you can add premium credits.

Yes, we have an general AI upscale that will increase the resolution of images without causing ai distortions. The AI upscaler will just increase the resolution of the image by 2x or 4x. The ai upscaler can be combined with any other AI filter.

There is no limit to the size of the image that our technology can process, and we can handle even large, high-resolution files with ease. Our system is designed to handle images of any size and complexity, ensuring that you can get the best results, regardless of the image’s size.

The processing time for image enhancement varies depending on the size and complexity of the image. In general, however, our technology can process images within a matter of seconds, producing a sharper and more detailed version of the original image.

We currently support JPEG, jpg and png. If you have a picture in a different image file, just export the image file first before uploading it. 

Face26 AI technology provides a significant improvement to blurry images, and it outperforms traditional methods of image enhancement. While other methods of image enhancement can produce some improvement, our technology provides a more sophisticated and advanced approach to image processing that produces superior results.

Yes, you can use our AI technology for commercial purposes if you upgrade to Premium, and there are no usage restrictions on how you can use the enhanced images afterwards. Our technology is designed to be flexible and versatile, allowing you to use the enhanced images in any way you see fit.

We take the privacy and security of our users very seriously, and we use advanced security protocols to ensure that your images are processed and shared securely. Our system is designed to protect user privacy at all times, and we take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is kept secure.

Our pricing model is based on a pay-per-use system, allowing you to use our AI technology to unblur images as needed, without committing to a long-term contract. We offer various pricing plans, ensuring that you can find the plan that works best for your needs and budget.


The best image prompts for generating new images with Face26 are those that already have a clear concept or theme. The AI can enhance detail and natural elements, so starting with a specific and well-defined prompt will yield the best results.

    • Yes, Face26 is designed to enhance the realism and quality of images generated by advanced AI systems such as MidJourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion, turning them into photo-realistic masterpieces with just one click.

To create a photo-realistic image from an AI-generated sketch, simply upload the original AI sketch to Face26, use the one-click transformation feature, and download the enhanced, realistic version of your image.

    • Face26 enhances the original AI-generated images by improving their realism without altering the core concept or originality of the image, ensuring that the new image remains true to the original idea.

While Face26 is highly versatile, the effectiveness of the enhancement may vary depending on the quality and detail of the original AI-generated image. Images with higher resolution and more detailed prompts tend to yield better results.