Create HD Portraits from Group Photos

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Face26 transforms group photos into HD portraits with innovative AI technology, accurately reconstructing facial details for stunning results.

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Zoom in Photos

Ability to zoom in on selected faces to see a face in unbelievable features for editing purposes.

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High Resolution

Ability to increase the resolution of images, resulting in clearer and more detailed final products.

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Face Details

Option to enhance and adjust specific details on a person’s face, such as eyes, mouth, and skin tone.

Make a HD picture from group photos

Take group photos with confidence and turn them into stunning portraits with Face26’s innovative image editing tools.

With just one click, our app’s advanced AI algorithms will transform blurry, pixelated, or out-of-focus images into clear, sharp masterpieces. Our AI technology has been trained on over 2 million photos, so you can trust that your memories will always look their best.

Close-up portrait details with great face enhancement results

The generated squared portrait photo will be centered around the person’s face you select from the group photo. See clear and crisp face details from old memories for the first time. 

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Use our AI Photo Zoom directly on your desktop or smartphone

Thanks to our web browser application, you can easily zoom in images and turn pixelated and damaged pictures into sharp and HD portraits on your desktop or smartphone. Generating profile shots from group photos has never been easier! Save your finished images directly to your smartphone or desktop.

How to use Face Zoom in 3 Steps

1. Upload a Photo in Face26`s Photo Editor.

2. Select face you want to zoom in, apply filter and let the AI do the rest.

3. Save and download the sharpen images directly on your desktop or smartphone. You repeat the process for other images or faces.

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What Our Happy
User Says

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I have seen a lot of uses of artificial intelligence in the editing of photos, particularly in the last couple of years. This app, however, might be the most impressive yet.
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I am truly speechless at the level Face26 is able to deliver. The detail it adds to the face as a whole is incredibly detailed.
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I cannot quite believe the results here. I must have compared the before and after a hundred times in disbelief.
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Well, it is staggeringly impressive at restoring old photographs in a way that I wasn't sure was possible, and that has significant application and value, both historic and otherwise
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Just fixed a picture from a concert. One that I would’ve liked a lot was blurry. I found this great app and the pic was fixed perfectly! I’m so impressed.

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