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AI Photo Restoration App

Face26 free photo restoration app can now easily repair your scratched, faded, or damaged photos online with one click! We colorize, enhance and upscale your family photos.

Just upload your photo and watch Face26 instantly restore the photo into bright colors and higher resolutions. Our image restoration process is 100% automatic.

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Restore Faces in Photos

Restore blurred and scratched faces in of damaged photos.

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Upscale old Photos

Increase the resolution of old and faded photos into 4k and super resolution.

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Colorise to restore photos

Our photo restoration app can colorize and restore blurry photos 

Repair Scratches, Stains, and Tears on Damaged Photos

Seeking a solution to rejuvenate your worn and tarnished vintage photographs? Dive into the capabilities of Face26! Driven by cutting-edge AI technology, our photo restoration feature meticulously examines your picture, pinpoints imperfections, and revives it to its former glory.

Erase blemishes like scratches, discolorations, marks, rips, and folds, transforming your aged snapshot into a pristine image in mere moments.

Restore old photos into colour and HD
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Restore Faces of old photos with AI

Are your photographs losing their vibrancy and clarity over time? 

Restore them to perfection with our online photo restoration app! Upload your faded or blurred photos, and select the face you want to enhance. Experience sharper details, enhanced contrast, and brighter colors in no time.

Plus, with Face26 cutting-edge face enhancement feature, we ensure that facial features in old photos are crisply defined and brought back to life. 

Don’t let faded or blurry images hold you back; optimize your memories with our advanced photo restoration solutions today!

How can photos be restored?

Restoring photos involves a blend of traditional expertise and modern technology. Advanced software can digitally repair tears, discolorations, and imperfections.

Skilled professionals then fine-tune these digital edits, ensuring authenticity. 

The result? A rejuvenated photograph that captures memories with renewed clarity and vibrant colors, bridging the past with the present.

How much does restoring a photo cost?

The cost of restoring a photo varies based on its condition and the complexity of the restoration required.

If you ask a professional company to restore your photos, you might expect cost of $10 per photo. But depending on the complexity, you might have to pay $100 for one photo restoration. 

An easy and affordable way to restore photos is to use free ai photo restoration tools.

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How do I restore old physical photos?

We suggest first taking a scan of your favorite photo or take a picture of the photo with your camera to start the photo restoration process.

Getting high quality results is easy as we automatically remove scratches and add missing parts. Photo Restoration does not have to be complicated or take a lot of time, in particular if you would like to restore the photo online. 

You can then upload the photo or group photo to Face26 and select the face for the photo restoration. Our online services can restore faded colors in any white photo. 

Our Best AI photo restoration is unique and happen with just one click. Hear from our satisfied customers.

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Use our AI Photo Restoration App on your desktop or smartphone

Thanks to our web photo restoration application, you can easily restore images and turn pixelated and damaged pictures into sharp and HD photos on your desktop or smartphone. 

Generating restored historic photos has never been easier! 

Save your finished images directly to your smartphone or desktop.

Is there a free website to restore photos?

Finding an old photo restoration service can be difficult and most people start looking for service providers in their local town or city. 

But are there any free photo restoration tools? Face26 allows you to restore photos for free and you can optimise and restore as many photos as you wish.

Every new user also gets one free premium credit to download the photos or you can earn premium credits easily. Otherwise you buy premium coins to download more restored historic photos without watermarks. 

No hidden fees with hundreds of satisfied customers.

How do you recolor photos?

Recoloring photos is a meticulous process that combines artistry with technology. 

Traditionally, experts would carefully restore each element within the image. This process take a lot of time and is generally experience. 

Today, modern AI Colorizer have been trained with millions of images and can easily add colors into photos or images.

Thus, anyone can recolor black and white photos with just a click and photo restoration has become much easier and affordable. 

First, the photograph is scanned or digitized to create a high-resolution digital copy. Additionally, you can adjust color tones, hues, and saturations to achieve a lifelike or stylized appearance. 

The goal is to breathe new life into the image, offering a fresh perspective on cherished memories from the past.

Colorized Photo

Restore vintage art and ads

Face26 Restoration Tool for vintage photos also works on vintage art, historic images or even advertisement. 

Our photo restoration service can be applied on any image and produce impressive results. 

It works best with photos that include people, landscapes, buildings or objectives. 

Animate vintage advertising images and photos with AI

Baby Photo Restoration Online​

Bring your Baby or Toddler Photos to life and restore the faces from that time. 

No matter if the photo is only 10, 20 or 50 years old. A restored photo, upscaled and enhanced baby photo can be funny and touching at the same time.

Animate Baby Photos -

Photo Repair of Family Photos

Lastly, we can suggest restoring family photos to bring vintage photos back to life. These precious memories will delight the whole family. 

Original pictures suddenly appear again and you enhance details of old pictures with our AI tools.

No matter if faded colors, grey photos or simply old photographs. Removing scratches has never been easier without any advanced skills.


How to get restored photos in 3 Steps

1. Upload a Photo in Face26`s Photo Editor.

2. Apply filter and let our AI algorithm restore photos.

3. Save and download the restored photo directly on your desktop or smartphone. You repeat the process for other images or faces.

Just like this and your photo is restored!

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Auto sharp and enhance when restoring photos

More photos to restore and complicated scratch removal? Contact our customer support and we will be happy to help with your original picture to advice what can be done to improve facial details and turn vintage pictures into restored photos. AI tools are magic, but we understand some photos require support and additional help. We are here to bring your photos back to life, no matter how difficult and we will try our best.

Before photo restoration old family photo
Photo restoration completed and new colorized photo restored


What Our Happy
Users Say About Our Photo Restoration Service

Best Results
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The app is very good and shows great results. But unfortunately a bit too expensive.
 Gale M.
Gale M.
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This program is incredible. I would not have believed a blurred picture could be sharpened and enhanced that much. I know it's going to be even more incredible when I learn how to use all the features.
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We recently gathered at Elmhurst University to honor our Coach and the Championship teams he coached more than 40 years ago. The school won it's only two championships during that era. No clean photo of the team exists at the school and the picture in the trophy case as deteriorated beyond repair. Championship plaques were made but the picture was a bit blurry and we were hoping to provide the school with a cleaner version. This seems to do the trick . . . thank you.
There is no better option than Face26
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I honestly do NOT know what I would do w/o Face26. It is THE best option out there to bring your blurry/out of focus/too tiny to use older photos. I highly recommend this app and have used it so often I guess you could call me a huge fan.
I am very happy with Face26
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I had a hard time getting started but that's on me. Face26 staff were quick to respond to my email and get me back on track. I am extremely happy with the results of my enhanced photos from Face26. Face26 is easy to use and the results are of the highest quality. I would highly recommend Face26.
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Use our AI Photo Restoration Tool on your desktop or smartphone

Our AI tool was developed particularly for photos and can restore faces in any photo. 

We have developed the AI photo restorer with millions of old photos and that makes this online photo restoration tool so unique. 

Instead of manually fixing an old photo you can just upload the damaged photo, select the face and turn the faded photo back to life with a clear face enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions about
restoring old photos

Face26 developed a remarkable technology to restore any old photo, utilizing our expertise in deep learning. We have developed advanced algorithms that can create correct colors and realistic colors in white and black and white photos. The color correction was trained on million of human faces that make it easy to detect damaged old photos and fix any imperfections. The true beauty of your image will come to new life with our 2024 photo restoration application.

When using our photo restoration software, all images that are uploaded get encrypted and are not accessible to anyone. You can delete images at any point and all newly restored photos are deleted after 30 days. Thus, always store your photos locally or share the restored photos with your family and friends.

Three simple steps. First upload your old photo. Select the filter you want to apply on the faded photos. This could be color correction, photo enhancement for more details or photo upscaler. Our photo restoration software has also multiple filters, so you can play with different AI photo restorer until you have the results. You can download the photo with a watermark for free or get premium credits to remove watermarks.

Absolutely! While it is possible to restore all faces in a photo, the best filter is the enhancer. That filter will be applied on the old photo and our photo restoration tool will enhance and improve everyone within your family or group photo. Use our face zoom if you want to create a high resolution profile photo. It only takes one click until Damaged old photos are back to life.

Most photo restoration services require a deposit to even start the work. Even most AI photo restoration is not free and these ai photo apps require money to even run an enhancement or restore photos. Face26 is different as you can use our photo repair for free. No hidden fees, are you only pay when you wan to download an ai photo after the photo restoration process.

As of January 2022, Walgreens offers photo printing and basic photo enhancement services, but their capabilities for advanced photo restoration may be limited. They might be able to help with printing or digitizing old photos, intricate restoration tasks often require specialized expertise and software is typically not provided at retail photo centers.

Similarly to Walgreens does Walmart’s provide photo services. However, they mainly revolve around printing and basic photo edits. Walmart does not have their own ai photo restoration tool and they can not provide an ai photo restorer. Other app like MyHeritage or PhotoMyNe are not core Ai photo restoration application and have added these features often later. With Face26 you will use a photo restorer that has focused on ai photo restoration and we beat most other ai photo restorer when it comes to damaged photos or bringing photos back to life.