Animate portrait photos with just one click

Animate Photos and Images with AI

Face26`s free photo animation app  transforms portrait photos into animated portraits with touching animations. Our innovative AI technology can add new life to fond memories with smiling mouth, moving eyes and nodding heads .

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Animate Faces

Add loving and innovative animations to your existing portrait or family photos.

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Existing Image

Integrate the animation of any face in a group photo.

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New Life

Add music and animation bring new life to your font memories. Ready to share with the whole family or friends.

Animate Portrait and Turn Photos into Videos

Photo Animer allows you to animate photos including portraits, figures, sketches, paintings, cartoons, and statues. Turn photo

into moving video and bring portrait to life.

Animate your family photos

Use automatic AI-powered photo enhancements to animate people in old photos creating a short video that looks like it was recorded while they posed and prepped for the portrait. Animate faces in family photos and experience your family history like never before! Create nostalgia videos with moving portraits by uploading photos of deceased loved ones and viewing them in the video.


What photos can you animate via AI GIF Apps?

You can leverage all filters and animation within our free photo animation online app to create the perfect animated portrait photos. Particular if you want to zoom in a group photo (e.g., old class photo) and first create an HD super resolution headshot and colorize the photo, you can then add the animator to make the memory even more alive. 

Animate Art with moving faces

Animate portrait photos and paintings with one click. Similar to the moving painting in the Harry Potter Movie, you can bring paintings to life with our Art Animator App.

Animate Painting with one Click - Moving Faces in Painting - Photo Realistic

Animate Photos in group photos

Select any face from a group photo and animate an enhanced photo with our Face Animator App. It works well to animate any face in a group photo.

Animate Photos in group photos

Animate Yearbook photos

Turn your old Yearbook Photos in HD and animate the faces from that time. A fun way to surprise friends and show in clarity what you looked liked at the time.

Animate Yearbook Photos with AI Face Animator - Photo Animator for Yearbook

Animate vintage art and ads

Do you have vintage art or advertising paintings that you want to animate? Our AI Photo Animator Online also works well for vintage photos or images. 

Animate vintage advertising images and photos with AI

Animate football and group photos

Surprise your football, school or club friends to animate the photo. Select the face from a group photo photo and bring it to live.

Animate football group photo

Animate cartoon avatars and photos

Animate Cartoon images or photos with one-click. No matter if you use anime or traditional cartoons. Bring your favorite character photos to live and animate the photo or image. 

Animate Cartoon Photos and bring to life

Animate class photos

Select a old class photo and animate your picture or a friend’s picture from that time. 

You can first colorize or enhance the portrait and then animate the face to bring them to live

Animate Photos from old Group Photos

Animate AI generated portrait photos

Our app can also animate photos that were generated by AI. 

Simply upload your AI enhanced or generated selfie or headshot and bring it to live. You can use the animate for most social media profiles that allow GIFs. 

Animate AI Generated Photos - AI Avatars Animated

Animate Baby Photos

Bring your old Baby or Toddler Photos to live and animate the faces from that time. 

No matter if the photo is only 10, 20 or 50 years old. A animated baby photo can be funny and touching at the same time.

Animate Baby Photos -

Animate Family Photos

Lastly, we can suggest animate old family photos to bring them to live in an authentic and unique way. 

Simply, animate the face in the family photo that you would like to see in live and see your ancestors in a new light. 

photoenhancerface26 1

Use our AI Photo Zoom directly on your desktop or smartphone

Thanks to our web browser application, you can easily zoom in images and turn pixelated and damaged pictures into sharp and HD portraits on your desktop or smartphone. 

Generating profile shots from group photos has never been easier! Save your finished images directly to your smartphone or desktop.

How to use Face Zoom in 3 Steps

1. Upload a Photo in Face26`s Photo Editor.

2. Apply filter and let our AI algorithm create the animation.

3. Save and download the animated gif directly on your desktop or smartphone. You repeat the process for other images or faces.

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Auto sharpened and enhanced

Before animate picture, the photo will be sharpened and enhanced first, which can not only improve the quality of the final animation.



What Our Happy
User Says

Best Results
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The app is very good and shows great results. But unfortunately a bit too expensive.
 Gale M.
Gale M.
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This program is incredible. I would not have believed a blurred picture could be sharpened and enhanced that much. I know it's going to be even more incredible when I learn how to use all the features.
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We recently gathered at Elmhurst University to honor our Coach and the Championship teams he coached more than 40 years ago. The school won it's only two championships during that era. No clean photo of the team exists at the school and the picture in the trophy case as deteriorated beyond repair. Championship plaques were made but the picture was a bit blurry and we were hoping to provide the school with a cleaner version. This seems to do the trick . . . thank you.
There is no better option than Face26
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I honestly do NOT know what I would do w/o Face26. It is THE best option out there to bring your blurry/out of focus/too tiny to use older photos. I highly recommend this app and have used it so often I guess you could call me a huge fan.
I am very happy with Face26
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I had a hard time getting started but that's on me. Face26 staff were quick to respond to my email and get me back on track. I am extremely happy with the results of my enhanced photos from Face26. Face26 is easy to use and the results are of the highest quality. I would highly recommend Face26.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Animate Photos or Animate Images

Face26 developed a remarkable technology to animate photos, utilizing their expertise in deep learning. The technology allows for the animation of faces in historical photos, creating high-quality and realistic video footage. Face26 Image Animator feature is powered by several drivers that they prepared in-house. These drivers are a sequence of movements and gestures that guide the animation process, bringing still photos to life. With this Face Animator, you can see your ancestors smiling, blinking, and turning their heads in a short video that can be shared with your loved ones.

The Face26 feature has received both praise and intrigue from users who find it enchanting and captivating. While opinions vary, many people enjoy using the feature to animate their historical photos, bringing their ancestors back to life in a unique and meaningful way. We encourage you to give it a try and share the resulting videos with your friends and family to experience the wonder and excitement of seeing your loved ones in a new light. To ensure the proper use of this technology, our driver videos don’t include speech, preventing any abuse or misuse. As always, we advise users to use this feature with respect and consideration for the privacy and consent of others.

To achieve the best results with the Face26 photo enhancer feature, a high-resolution face is required, which can be a challenge when working with historical photos that often have small and blurry faces. However, we have the perfect solution. Our Face26 Photo Enhancer is designed to enhance the quality of blurry and low-resolution photos by increasing their resolution and sharpening the faces that appear in them. By combining this feature with Face26, we guarantee optimal results and produce high-quality video animations for your cherished historical photos.

Absolutely! While it is possible to animate all faces in a photo, the current version of the feature doesn’t allow for simultaneous animation of all faces. To animate each face, you’ll need to create a separate animation for each individual face, one at a time. By clicking on each face, you can view its animation. To quickly identify which faces have been animated, simply look at the individual faces listed below the main photo in the My Photos section of the website. Faces that have been animated will be marked with a play button.

Our system offers multiple sequences of gestures that can be applied to a photo, all of which originate from pre-recorded driver videos created by Face26. Based on the orientation of a specific face, our system will automatically determine the most suitable sequence to apply. However, if you prefer to have more control over which sequence of gestures is used, you can easily customize it in the My Photos section of the website. After animating a photo, simply click on the “Animation” drop-down to select any of the available sequences and apply it to your photo.

Yes, our mobile app in iOS and Android does support the face animator feature. You can download your app for free and animate your photos via mobile app. Otherwise, you can use the same feature on desktop. 

Usually it only takes a few seconds to animate the photo. If you face technical issues, we suggest to refresh the page if you are not getting any results within 1-2 minutes the most. 

If you want to use the Desktop Web app, you need to register and create an account. We do not require sign-ups on the mobile apps to animate photos. 

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