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We use AI to improve, enhance and fix the quality of your images and photos

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Unblur Photos

Turn your blurry photos into stunning HD. Sharpen, enhance, revitalize.

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Add Color to photos

Auto colorize grey, black and white or old photos 

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Photo Restoration

Easily restore old photos online with AI image restoration tool 

Face26 Upscaler

AI Upscale

Upscale and enhance small, low-definition pictures by 2x or 4x to HD without any quality loss

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AI Photo Enhancer

Enhance Image Quality via Photo Apps and helps automatically enhance photo resolution, sharpen detail, and adjust color.

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Photo Realistic Art

Transform drawings or painted drawings in photo-realism images


Animate Photos

Once optimised your photo in HD animate their face with different emotional templates 

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AI Face Retouch

Retouch and fix blurry and pixelated faces. Enhance your images with just 1-Click.

Enhance your old, pixelated or blurred pictures into high-definition photos

Transform your photos into stunning HD images or vibrant color photos in seconds with Face26’s Photo Enhancer! No photo editing skills required. Our AI-powered algorithm has been trained with over 2 million high-resolution images, making it one of the best and most popular on the market. Try it now and see for yourself – get ready to be amazed!

Face Zoom Create HD Portraits of small pictures

Create HD Portraits from group photos

We have a full set of build in Photo enhancment tools. With only 1- Click your job is done in seconds. Wether you want to increase the resolution of the image, denoise the picture and retouch it, sharpen the faces of your old family photos or turn your black and white family photos from the 80s into vivid colored photos, our rescueapp get you the best results without any editing skills.

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Use our AI Photo Enhancer directly on your desktop or smartphone

Thanks to our web browser application, you can easily and conveniently sharpen and rescue your images on your PC or smartphone. Rescue blurred and low pixelated images has never been easier! Save your finished images directly to your smartphone or PC.

How to Enhance Photos in 3 Steps

  1. Upload a Photo in Face26`s Photo Enhancer Editor.
  2. Enhance your photo automatically with only 1- Click without losing any quality.
  3. Save and donwload the enhanced images directly on your desktop or smartphone.
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Face26 Privacy Standard and High Quality Privacy

Your data is encrypted

Face26 is a privacy-first photo enhancer that encrypts all your images when you upload photos, no matter if you are using our web editor or mobile apps. You can easily delete your photos or accounts. Your images are saved and not shared or accessed. 


What Our Happy
User Says

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This app does an amazing job enhancing those old photos--you know the ones that have been stored in boxes for decades in musty old rooms,
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Awesome app. I had a few black and white photos that I had hope to somewhat restore using this app. The photos came out amazing. A few photos I had were somewhat blurred that I uploaded and the blur was gone
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Face26 is a great solution If you want to enhance and sharpen photos which otherwise might be unacceptable because they are blurred etc..
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Fantastic results. After trying many AI photo enhancement apps and close scrutinying the results, I think this is probably the best of the lot.
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I uploaded a very old picture of my older brother which was really blur. And from no seconds, it turned it into hd quality! I love this app so much!