How to Remove Text, Drawings and Objects from Images

Remove Text from images


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Photos capture precious moments and stunning visuals, but sometimes unwanted elements can clutter the scene.  Unnecessary text on a historical landmark, a stray scribble across a family portrait, or a photobombing passerby can all detract from the image’s impact. Thankfully, photo editing techniques allow you to  remove text from images and erase unwanted objects, breathing new life into your photos.

Different Ways to Improve Your Pictures

When it comes to enhancing your photographs, there’s a myriad of editing techniques at your disposal. From adjusting lighting and colors to removing unwanted elements, each method contributes to elevating the overall quality of your images. In this section, we’ll explore various ways to enhance your pictures, focusing on the art of removing text from images and eliminating clutter for a cleaner, more polished result.

Adjusting Lighting and Colors

One of the fundamental ways to improve your pictures is by adjusting the lighting and colors. This involves balancing exposure, contrast, and saturation to create a visually appealing image. Brightening shadows and toning down highlights can help correct uneven lighting conditions, while adjusting color temperature can enhance the mood of your photograph.

Removing Text from Images

Removing text from images enhances visual appeal and message clarity. If you’re wondering how to remove text from images, tools like Face26 streamline the process with precision. By utilizing features such as the removal tool, you can seamlessly erase text while preserving image integrity, ensuring a clean and professional look.

Removing Text from Images

Cutting People Out of Pictures

Sometimes, unwanted elements in a photograph include people who detract from the main subject. Whether it’s a photobomber in the background or an ex-partner in a group shot, cutting people out of pictures can significantly improve the composition. With tools like, you can carefully outline the person you want to remove and delete them from the image, leaving no visible traces of their presence.

how to cut people out of pictures

Removing Drawing Over a Photo

Drawings or annotations on a photo can often distract from the main subject or message. Whether it’s accidental doodles or intentional markings, removing them can enhance the clarity and professionalism of your image. Utilizing advanced editing tools like, you can precisely erase drawings while preserving the underlying image. This ensures that your final picture is free from any unnecessary distractions.

New Project 14

Enhancing Overall Composition

In addition to specific edits, improving your pictures also involves enhancing the overall composition. This includes cropping to remove distracting elements from the edges, adjusting the framing to draw attention to the main subject, and applying techniques such as sharpening and noise reduction to enhance clarity and detail.

By mastering these various editing techniques, you can take your photographs to the next level, transforming ordinary images into stunning works of art. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, the ability to improve your pictures through careful editing is a valuable skill worth honing.

Best Practices When Removing Text, Objects, or People from Photos

When it comes to removing text from images or eliminating unwanted elements like picture clutter and drawings from a picture, following best practices ensures optimal results without compromising photo quality.

1. Use High-Quality Editing Tools

Opt for reputable photo editing software like Face26 for precise and seamless removal. Photo editing software like Face26 or Adobe photoshop offers advanced features specifically designed for how to edit an object out of a photo or erase text without leaving artifacts.

2. Work Non-Destructively

Before making permanent changes, create a duplicate layer or backup of the original image. This allows for experimentation without risking the loss of valuable data, especially when tackling intricate tasks like removing text from images.

duplicate layer 2

3. Pay Attention to Detail

Zoom in and work meticulously when removing text or objects. Ensure that edges blend seamlessly with the surrounding background to avoid unnatural-looking results. Use tools like the clone stamp or healing brush for precise adjustments.

4. Preserve Image Quality

Avoid excessive editing that may degrade image quality. Use subtle adjustments and blending techniques to maintain the integrity of the photo, especially when dealing with intricate elements like picture clutter or detailed objects.

5. Assess Composition

Consider the overall composition of the image when removing elements. Ensure that their absence does not disrupt the visual balance or narrative flow. Make necessary adjustments to maintain coherence and aesthetic appeal.

By adhering to these best practices, you can achieve professional-looking results when removing text from images or any other unwanted elements, enhancing the overall quality of your photos while preserving their integrity.

Remove Text from Images: A Step-by-Step Guide with

Here’s a detailed guide on  how to remove text from an image using’s user-friendly interface:

Select the Inpaint tool: Head over to and choose the Inpaint tool from the menu options.

how to remove text from an image

Upload your image: upload the image containing the text you want to remove.

Screenshot 98

Brush Over the Text: Use the brush tool to carefully paint over the text you want to remove. Ensure you cover the entire text area for a clean result.

Adjust Brush Size (Optional): If necessary, adjust the brush size to match the dimensions of the text.

Start the Inpainting Process: Click the “Start” button. Face26’s advanced algorithms will analyze the surrounding image and seamlessly fill in the area where the text was, effectively removing text from the image.

Removing Drawings from Pictures: A Piece of Cake

New Project 15

Similar to removing text, you can also eliminate unwanted drawings from your photos using  Here’s how:

Upload Your Image: Upload the photo containing the drawing you want to erase.

Choose the Inpaint Tool: Select the “Inpaint” tool from the tool options.

Brush Over the Drawing: Carefully brush over the drawing you want to remove.

Adjust Brush Size (Optional): If needed, adjust the brush size to match the dimensions of the drawing.Start the Inpainting Process: Click the “Start” button. Face26’s AI will analyze the surrounding image texture and seamlessly fill in the area where the drawing was, removing the drawing from the picture.

Erasing Objects from Pictures: Removing People, Cars, and More

Erasing Objects from Pictures

Taking things a step further, you can also remove larger objects like people or cars from your photos. Here’s how tackles this task:

Upload Your Image: Upload the photo containing the object you want to remove.

Choose the Object Removal Tool: Select the “Object Removal” tool from the editing options. This tool is specifically designed for removing larger, well-defined objects from images.

Outline the Object: Use the lasso tool or brush tool to carefully outline the object you want to remove. Ensure your selection accurately traces the object’s edges.

Start the Removal Process: Click the “Start” button. Face26’s advanced algorithms will analyze the surrounding image and intelligently fill in the area where the object was, removing the object from the picture seamlessly.

Removing People from Photos: Group Photo Magic

Remove people from photo empowers you to remove unwanted people from your photos, creating a cleaner composition. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Upload Your Image: Upload the group photo with the person you want to remove.

Choose the Object Removal Tool: Select the “Object Removal” tool for precise control over removing people.

Outline the Person: Carefully outline the person you want toremove using the lasso tool or brush tool. Pay close attention to details like hair and clothing edges.

Refine the Selection (Optional): Utilize the “Refine Edge” option to ensure a clean selection, especially around intricate areas like hair.

Start the Removal Process: Click the “Start” button. Face26’s AI will analyze the background and surrounding people, intelligently filling in the gap where the person was, effectively removing the person from the photo.

Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter in Seconds

Minor distractions like stray objects or photobombers can easily be eliminated with’s user-friendly tools:

Inpaint Tool: For small, basic objects like dust spots or misplaced twigs, use the “Inpaint” tool. Simply brush over the unwanted element, and Face26’s AI will seamlessly fill in the gap.

Object Removal Tool: For slightly larger objects like a misplaced cup or a photobomber’s arm, use the “Object Removal” tool. Outline the object and let Face26 handle the rest.

Remove Any Photo Background in One Click

Isolating a subject from its background is a breeze with’s Background Removal tool:

Upload Your Image: Upload the photo where you want to remove the background.

Background Removal Tool: Select the “Background Removal” tool.

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Automatic Removal: Face26’s AI will automatically detect the foreground object and remove the background in a single click.

Choose a New Background : Replace the removed background with a solid color, a pre-designed template, or even upload your own custom background image.

New Project 11 1

Advanced Editing Techniques: Tackling Complex Scenarios

While the methods above address common photo editing tasks, there are situations that require a more advanced approach. Here’s a glimpse into some advanced editing techniques offered by

Overlapping Elements: Removing overlapping elements like a person partially behind a tree requires careful selection tools and the ability to analyze and blend textures seamlessly. Face26’s advanced algorithms are equipped to handle such scenarios.

Color Matching: When removing objects from colorful backgrounds, color matching becomes crucial. Face26 can intelligently match the colors and textures of the surrounding area to create a natural-looking result after the object is removed.

Seamless Blending: The removal process often involves blending textures from different parts of the image. Face26 utilizes sophisticated algorithms to ensure these transitions are smooth and undetectable, maintaining the overall image quality.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Photo Editing

As you embark on your photo editing journey, here are some common pitfalls to steer clear of:

Over-Editing: It’s easy to get carried away with editing tools. Remember, the goal is to enhance your photos, not create an entirely different image. Start with subtle adjustments and build upon them for a natural-looking edit.

Ignoring Resolution: Always use high-resolution images as your source material. Low-resolution photos provide less detail for the editing software to work with, resulting in blurry or pixelated edits.

Neglecting Selection Accuracy: Precise selection is key, especially when removing objects. A sloppy selection will lead to unwanted areas being edited and a less than desirable outcome.

Forgetting to Save: Don’t lose your hard work! Save your edited photos regularly, allowing you to revisit them later if needed.

The ability to  remove text from images, erase unwanted objects, and clean up photo clutter opens a world of creative possibilities. With the user-friendly tools offered by, you can breathe new life into your photos and transform them into stunning masterpieces. So, unleash your inner photo editor and explore the endless possibilities!  

This guide has equipped you with the essential skills and knowledge to tackle basic and even complex photo editing tasks. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun as you refine your photo editing techniques!


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