3 Best Apps to Animate Old Photos in 2023

3 Best Apps to Animate Old Photos in 2023


Founded in 2021, with a group of technomaniacs, Face26 combines the power of artificial intelligence and photo editing tools to deliver a wide range of products that turn your photos to masterpieces.

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Face26: Best App to Animate Old Photos

Preserving cherished memories has taken a fascinating twist with the ability to animate old photos. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now breathe new life into vintage images, creating captivating visual narratives that bridge the gap between the past and present. In this article, we will explore three cutting-edge apps that have emerged as leaders in animating old photos. 

These apps offer an array of innovative features and intuitive interfaces, empowering users to transform static, faded photographs into dynamic, mesmerizing stories. If you’re ready to unlock the hidden potential of your old photo albums and embark on a nostalgic journey like never before, join us as we dive into the top apps that are revolutionizing the art of animating old photos in 2023!

Face26: Best AI Photo Enhancer


Discover the ultimate solution to animate old photos with Face26’s photo animation feature. With Face26, its cutting-edge AI technology can help you transform your arts, paintings, portraits, yearbooks, AI generated images, cartoon avatars, class photos, baby photos, old family and group photos into animated videos filled with touching, high definition emotional animations. Face26 can help you relive precious memories as their innovative features bring your photos to life with animated smiles, moving eyes, and nodding heads. 

You can even animate AI generated photos with their powerful tool. The best part about animating photos with Face26 is that it will automatically enhance and sharpen your old photos before animating them! 

Face26 also ensures the privacy and safety of their users. Face26 app makes sure to encrypt all your images when you upload photos, no matter if you are using their web editor or mobile app. You can easily delete your photos or accounts. Your images are saved and not shared or accessed by anyone.

You can definitely experience the magic of preserving and enhancing your cherished moments with Face26’s best-in-class app. You can either use credits if you use the website editor, and subscribe to a plan when you use the Face26 app from Google Play Store and App Store.

Explore the remarkable capabilities to animate old photos with Face26, the free-to-download photo animation app, packed with notable features that will elevate your creative journey:

  • Designed to be easy to use and intuitive web editor and mobile app
  • Remove unwanted objects from images with one click
  • Zoom in a certain person in a group photo with one click and turn it into HD
  • Enhance any photos with AI-powered effects such as blurry photos, small or low definitions photos, AI generated image, and pixelated photos
  • Add colors to black and white photos
  • Face retouch any blurry or pixelated faces
  • Turn your arts, drawings, or painting into a realistic art
  • Animate old photos with different emotional templates
  • Available and accessible in Web, Google Play Store and App Store


PhotoDirector is one of today’s most influential and comprehensive photo animation apps, available for free download. With this app, users can effortlessly create stunning animated decorations, overlays, and dispersion effects within their images. Unlocking a plethora of animated elements ranging from animals to seasonal specials, flowers, moods, and more, PhotoDirector provides endless possibilities for crafting incredible animations.

Furthermore, PhotoDirector’s AI-powered editing tools take image enhancement to the next level. With features like Sky Replacement, Style Effects, and Object Removal, users can effortlessly breathe life into their pictures. Manipulating particles within their images is as simple as a few clicks, allowing for dramatic alterations or complete redesigns of objects. Unleash your creativity with PhotoDirector, the ultimate Android app for transforming your photos into something entirely new and exciting.

Explore the remarkable capabilities to animate old photos with PhotoDirector app:

  • Packed with 1000+ animated effect templates
  • Simple, and easy to use dashboard
  • Dozens of categories for animated decorations, overlays and stickers
  • AI-powered technology for easy object removal
  • Available in Google Play Store and App Store


Werble is one of the ultimate free apps to animate old photos and infuse your images with captivating motion magic. With an impressive collection of over 1000 effects, unleash your creativity and craft unique masterpieces with limitless creative possibilities. Effortlessly blend art and special effects with your images or artwork through simple taps, resulting in memorable creations that leave a lasting impact.

Whether you prefer a streamlined approach or enjoy the excitement of randomizing effects until you achieve the perfect look, Werble caters to your desired mood and aesthetic. Enhance your creations further with the app’s extensive library of loops, allowing you to customize and personalize your creative expression.

Werble takes animation to new heights, offering an intuitive design, stunning visuals, and a wealth of customization options. If you’re seeking a remarkable way to infuse your photos or artwork with mesmerizing motion, look no further than Werble—it’s a fast, easy, and exhilarating experience that will elevate your creations to new dimensions.

However, the very big downside for Werble is that it’s only available for iOS users.

Explore the remarkable capabilities to animate old photos with Werble app for iOS:

  • Supports layers to create unique animations for photos
  • Variety of choices of visual effects templates
  • Automatically saves animated pictures as GIFs
  • Uses filter effects to animate photos

Animate Old Photos with Face26 for an Extraordinary Touch

Gone are the days when photo and video editing required a powerful desktop computer. You do not need to be an expert in order to animate old photos. Now, with just your smartphone, you can achieve remarkable results and create stunning visuals that captivate viewers. Animating photos is now easier than ever, with a user-friendly app like Face26. Use this tutorial blog to learn how to use Face26 Apps: AI Photo Enhancer.

Discover and join a world of creativity by animating your photos and making them come alive. After exploring these fantastic apps, you can select the ones that resonate with you. While they all offer similar functionalities, choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Embrace the convenience and power at your fingertips as you embark on a creative journey to animate old photos and make them truly extraordinary.


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