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Why you should use the Colorise Photos to to turn your black and white photos into color?

Face26 AI Image Colorizer is a valuable tool for those who appreciate vintage photography. Black and white photos often have limited emotional and stylistic expression, but colorization can provide a deeper understanding of vintage fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle. With this AI-powered black and white photo colorizer, you can upload your vintage pictures and see the characters’ expressions and clothing folds clearly presented in just five seconds. Start colorizing your vintage photos today!

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Colorize to restore Photos

Colorize black and white historic images to bring events back to life. Our Colorize will produce different options for your black and white or tainted photos.

Colorize Photos with Faces

Faces and heads are colorized in great details via our colorize photos online app. 

Photo Colorization App

With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you can easily achieve high-quality colorized photos in just a few seconds.

Colorize black and white photos online

We bring old black and white photos back to life. Our AI image coloring algorithms has been trained on 2 millions of b/w photos. Add natural and realistic colors to your old family photos, historical figures or ancestors with 1-click. Reimagine the past by coloring images with the Worlds Best AI Image Enhancer. Whether you want to colorize black and white landscapes, family photos or old photos from the past. Try our web or mobile app right now and get stunned by the results instantly!

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Use our AI Photo Colorizer directly on your desktop or mobile app

Thanks to our web browser application, you can easily colorize and turn black and white images into colored ones on your PC or smartphone. Coloring black and white photos has never been easier! Save your finished images directly to your smartphone or PC.

How to Colorize Photos in 3 Steps

1. Upload a Photo in Face26`s Photo Colorizer Editor.

2. Color picture automatically with only 1-Click without losing any quality.

3. Save and download the colored images directly on your PC or smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Face26 has obtained exclusive licenses for the technologies that automatically colorize and restore colors in photos, which were developed by deep learning experts Jason Antic and Dana Kelley. They have employed a unique algorithm to create an exceptional colorization model that focuses on small details, using machine learning algorithms to automatically colorize black and white photos. Over the course of two years, they perfected the model, training it on millions of real photos, which has allowed it to understand the colors of our world and produce breathtaking results.

In addition to their colorization technology, Jason and Dana have also developed a color restoration algorithm. This algorithm can accurately restore the colors in faded color photos, making it ideal for reviving old pictures that were printed and stored in albums. Unlike colorization, which uses AI to make educated guesses about the colors of a photo, this technology restores the original colors of the photo and sharpens the images during the process. This restoration technology is particularly useful for photos taken between the 1950s and 1990s, as these pictures are often faded due to the limitations of photographic technology at the time.

With Face26’s exclusive licensing of these technologies, users can now benefit from the unique algorithm developed by Jason Antic and Dana Kelley. This algorithm is capable of producing exceptional results, transforming old and faded photos into vivid and colorful images that capture important moments in history. Whether you want to colorize a black and white photo or restore the colors of an old, faded picture, Face26’s licensed technology provides a unique solution that stands out from other photo restoration services.

Face26 is a startup that has developed a cutting-edge AI colorizer that sets it apart from others in the industry. The company’s unique approach is to train its algorithm specifically with data from faces and people, which allows it to produce stunning results. By focusing on this particular niche, Face26 has established itself as one of the best options for enhancing and colorizing photos that feature people, particularly portraits.

The algorithm used by Face26 has been trained on millions of images of faces, giving it an unparalleled ability to recognize the nuances of skin tone, hair color, and other facial features. This allows the software to produce highly realistic and visually stunning results, with a level of accuracy that is unmatched by other AI colorizers on the market.

In addition to its exceptional results, Face26’s AI colorizer is also user-friendly and intuitive. The software is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise. Users can upload their photos and get started with just a few clicks, making it a convenient and efficient option for anyone looking to enhance and colorize their photos.

No, the photos are only optimized by AI and happen automatically after the filter is applied.

Face26 requires your operating system’s permission to access your image and video library when you use the app.

Once you allow access, your data isn’t stored on our servers except for the short period of time that’s necessary to provide you with the app’s functionalities, or if you provided explicit consent for us to use your images and videos to improve our AI. Even then, your data is only stored for a limited period before being deleted.

The highest standards of security are applied at all times, in line with current security guidelines, and we use advanced encryption techniques to protect your data. Privacy and data protection are among our core values!

When it comes to colorization, the colors are reconstructed by an algorithm, which may not always be entirely accurate. This process is a technological simulation that attempts to bridge the gap between the past and present, giving its best guess as to what the past may have looked like. The model used for colorization has been trained using millions of sample photos, enabling it to generate highly realistic results. However, there are some instances where the algorithm has no way of knowing what the true colors were, resulting in potentially incorrect colors, such as specific items of clothing.

On the other hand, color restoration algorithms aim to restore the authentic colors of a photo, bringing back their vividness. Unlike colorization, the colors being restored are already present in the original photo, and the algorithm works to enhance and bring them back to their original state. This process results in colors that are accurate to the original photo, without the guesswork involved in colorization. As a result, color restoration algorithms are highly effective at revitalizing faded photos and bringing them back to their former glory.



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Kiedy zobaczyłem, jak wspaniałe i precyzyjne są kolory, zakochałem się w Colorize.